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Рэд Рок / VERV 

Meet Verv – the new Red Rock Apps. 
It’s just made its first appearance with a refreshed concept and a completely new look.

Red Rock Apps - one of the most downloaded Health & Fitness mobile app developers on iOS - has announced a major rebrand by introducing its new brand Verv, which expresses its expanded vision for a healthy lifestyle. The company continues to improve its leading apps for weight loss, as well as expanding its services to guide users to reach their overall health and lifestyle goals.

Since its launch back in 2013, Red Rock Apps has developed weight loss apps that have earned a leading position in health and fitness category and, in total, have attracted over 65 million users globally. The key to their success is providing simple weight loss solutions that are personalized to deliver optimal results for users. By following easy running, fitness and walking workouts, people fulfill their weight loss ambitions and stay on track.


Verv is short for «‎verve» which stands for all that we seek to deliver to people:
Vitality, Energy, Reset, Vigour.
Verv is an enthusiasm – that’s the way of us doing our job. Verv is simple, just like our products.


We strive to make a significant, actual difference in the health and well-being of people around the world.


We are the creators of a mobile health assistant* – a smart and ever-present partner that guides people to a healthier lifestyle choices.


We help people realize that nowadays technology could be their greatest health assistant. Through mobile apps we offer personalized solutions that help achieve personal lifestyle goals and live a healthier life.


  • Simplicity: create user-friendly products with clear-defined objectives and trackable results, without overwhelming users with information and decisions.
  • Personalization: communicate with users offering them personalized recommendations rather than common solutions.
  • Results-driven approach: offer recommendations that will bring better and fast results. By tracking the progress of our users and constantly improving their experience we consistently make our products better.

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